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We've been on a tour yesterday and we had a great time! At first, the biggest compliments to our brew tour guide Walter! He was so much fun, gave us lots on information about the tour, Amsterdam and the beers. Also the breweries we visited were really great. They all had their own unique story which gave the flavor of the beers an extra touch. I know my facts about beers quite well, and still I heard lots of new things, which makes me feel I am a beer expert now 🙂 I would definitely recommend this tour if you want to see, taste and experience something different when visiting Amsterdam.
As a California expat, living in Amsterdam, I was already celebrating preemptively when I came across Brew Bus Amsterdam. It is one of the best tours of any kind that I've had the chance to experience. Top selection of craft beer samplers at each brewery. The microbreweries that we visited gave us behind the scenes tours and detailed explanations of what makes their brews particularly special. Highly highly recommend the Brew Bus Amsterdam tour, whether you're a group, duo, or traveling solo! The cherry on top is the expert guide, Walther - full of facts about Amsterdam and, obviously beer. Everyone on the bus could hear and feel his passion for craft beer. Thank you, Walther. Let the good times keep on rolling!
This is the best craft beer tour in Amsterdam for sure!! We went to 3 locations and got a perfect explanation about the beer making process AND some samples. You are taken care of very well by the awesome guide and transportation is very comfortable in the bus! Thank you Brew Bus Amsterdam for an amazing time.
I am not a beer drinker at all but this tour was fantastic! Comfortable seats, karaoke on a comfortable and clean bus ( which had a toilet, much needed on a beer tour) and an amazing look at craft beers. More unique then the Henekien brewery this tour is NOT to be missed. Thanks again to walther and his team for a fun time, ill be bringing back my beer drinking friends for sure!
Just awesome! What a great bus tour to discover some local and authentic craft beer breweries in Amsterdam. The guide was very professional, shared some fun facts and it was such a fun trip. The tasters of the craft beers were amazing. We did the early trip starting at 12pm with a group of friends and it was a great way to start our day.
What else can you ask from a tour?? ... there is a lot of delicious beer, really nice breweries w great guides and very interesting explanations about the types and process... but i guess the best is to be in this experience with such nice people, having fun and enjoying the trip, high five to Walther for make everything so "Gezellig" and good. If you come to Amsterdam this is a really nice way to know this fantastic city.
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A really amazing tour with some really interesting selection of local breweries. The tour took us outside the city center and away from the worst crowds which was a big bonus. Guide was passionate about beer and had good knowledge.
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Delicious beers, nice breweries and a funny guide. In short: a very successful afternoon. Also highly recommended for people who are looking for a nice informal group activity !
Had alot of fun with my friends, tasted all the beers, the tourguide was funny and gave us good info about beer, the bus was clean and there was even an option for karaoke!!
If you like beer and would like an unique experience this is the tour for you! I was really surprised by the breweries we visited. I would have never found them on my own.
Like with any other major city, one of the pitfalls/traps of this city is that you simply don't know where to start when you want to discover its bars. Wherever I travel, my most memorable experiences are usually the ones at unexpected places. That's basically this tour in a nutshell. Drink delicious brews, enjoy some typical Dutch snacks, a few interesting stories about cool, and sometimes quirky, places you would otherwise never get to yourself. Perhaps most memorable about this day is that the vibe was just so good. Very relaxed and a lot of fun and it very soon felt like you were out with a few mates.
Had a great time on this tour yesterday! The breweries we visited were staffed by passionate people, the beers we tasted were great, and even the transportation was entertaining. Great way to learn some history and culture about Amsterdam and The Netherlands while visiting.
Nice beer tour with an great guide with lot’s of knowledge of beer and Amsterdam. Definitely can recommend this tour for everyone who likes good beer and Amsterdam!
Had a great day on the brew bus yesterday! Really recommend this tour to anyone interested in beer or just having a good time around Amsterdam.
Interesting visit to authentic Amsterdam based brewers. Personal storytelling about brewing process whilst tasting their brews!! 3 drinks per stop, few where new listed on Untappd!!!
This is an amazing craft beer tour.! The bus took us to the small local breweries outside the city centre, no Heineken experience but nice small breweries. Absolutely the highlight of my trip to Amsterdam. Amazing beers and a funny guide. Brew Bus Amsterdam, you rock!
We had a fantastic time yesterday. Thanks to our amazing tour guide Walther we have seen some hidden brewing pearls and also learning about the history of Amsterdam a long the way. I truly recommend this tour to everyone.
Had a great time, Tour guide so nice and fun, Tasted variety of breweries with knowledge same time, We hop a popular bars in Amsterdam. Recommend this tour!!
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Had alot of fun with my friends, tasted all the beers, the tourguide was funny and gave us good info about beer, the bus was clean, there was even an option for karaoke!
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We had a great time on the Brew Bus! We visited 3 local breweries. All small local breweries with great craft beers. We would not have found these breweries ourself. I am happy the Brew Bus took us there, so we could enjoy the beers :-).
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We had a great time hopping around amazing breweries around Amsterdam. Explanations about the beers, unique places that we would’ve never got to by ourself. The bus is comfortable and high-end, the beer tastings are special and to be honest you get way more than you expect! I would definitely pay more for this experience. Thanks Brew bus Amsterdam!
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The host was amazing, he shared little fun facts during the trip and did an excellent job! The breweries were welcoming, unique and just really great. We got this list of the beers and breweries, which was great because then we could mark the ones we liked the most. Overall it's a great experience and we are glad that we chose this one.
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