Amsterdam Brewery Top 10

The Amsterdam brewery craft beer scene is booming at the moment! With more then 40 different breweries it’s hard to choose. We have made a selection of 10 breweries in Amsterdam which have great beers, are nice to visit and is a guarantee for a lot of fun 😉

The breweries are spread out through the city, not all of them are easy to reach, if you would like to have the best experience, take the Brew Bus Amsterdam #1 craft beer tour. This guided tour takes you to 3 different breweries where you will enjoy a beer tasting and a brewery tour in one the the breweries itself. Sit back and relax while the driver brings you tot he breweries in style and comfort. The beer guide will probably be your new best friend at the end of the tour.

This is our top 10 listed in random order:

1. Oedipus Brewing

Based in the North of Amsterdam is Oedipus Brewery, you can recognize them easily because of their colourful beer labels. When entering the brewery, you’ll directly become happy. After a beer tasting you will feel great and probably don’t want to leave anymore.

One of their most popular beers is mannenliefde, when you translate the name it’s called ‘Man Love’. With this beer Oedipus wanted to make a statement, beer is not only fort the stereotype male which you always see in the TV commercials who are watching football and drink around the Barbecue. It’s for everybody and that message is well spread. Not only because of their great marketing campaign it’s extreme succesfull, but because it’s a great beer as well. This saison beer is now so popular that it can’t be produced anymore in their own brewery because of their high demand.

They like to experiment with a lot of different and special flavours which are not very common to use in the brewing process in Holland, but therefor not less tasty. Try the Thai Thai Tripel for instance, it’s a classic Tripel with chili and coriander! Love it!

Oedipus Brewing is a populair stop of Brew Bus Amsterdam , you’ll get a beer tasting and depending on the route and schedule, a brewery tour as well.

2. Poesiat & Kater brewery

In the east of Amsterdam you will find Poesiat & Kater. They first brewed their beers in the tasting room on the polderweg 648. But because of their great beers and entrepreneurial owners the brewery became too small and had to move to a location elsewhere in Amsterdam. They took over the classic recipes and revived it after many years. Even though the brwery itself is quite young, this means that they might have one of the oldest beers in town. Try the van Vollenhoven Stout and you are sold!

Besides a tasting room they have a great restaurant as well, they are based in an old animal shelter which makes the location really unique! When you book the #1 Amsterdam Craft beer tour, there is a good chance that you’ll visit this beauty!

Amsterdam Brewery

3. Friekens Brewery

This is a hidden gem, far in the north of Amsterdam you’ll find Friekens Brewery. One of my all time favourites! Brewer and owner Sid is passionate about beers, when you drink the beers from Friekens, you can actually taste that, not kidding! Located in a former dressing room from a football team is the brewery! You can still see that when you enter the brewery.

Because it’s not easy to reach by public transport, the best way to visit the brewery is by taking the Brew Bus to this exciting place. Besides a beer tasting, you’ll get a great brewery tour as well!

4. Prael Houthavens Amsterdam

This is the ‘pearl in the west of Amsterdam. The Prael Houthavens is a beauty,  because of an excisting beer which is the ‘parel’(pearl in English) in the south of the Netherlands they needed to change the name of the brewery. The new name de Prael might even better!

Great thing about the Prael is that they want to give everybody a chance in the labor market, so people with a distance tot he labor market have a big chance to succeed when applying for a job! This means that besides a great brewery, it’s a social place as well with a great restaurant.

Prael Brewery Amsterdam

5. Krux

They say it’s the smallest brewery in Amsterdam, Krux brouwwerf is located in the east of Amsterdam, with a lot of new built houses and apartments. The building of the brewery itself is already many years old and used to be the headquarters of an old oil factory.

The beer brewed in this brewery goes directly into the tanks above the bar, so more fresh beer then Krux beer is not possible.

Brewery Krux Amsterdam

6. Heineken brewery

Of course the Heineken Experience is a must visit, not comparable with the others but certainly a guarantee for a great time. Heineken is probably the most well known beer brand in the world. If you think of Amsterdam and beer, you’ll think of Heineken. It takes you through the rich history of Heineken, and it gives you an insight of the world of Heineken. The Heineken experience is interactive, fun and last but not least you’ll have the chance to drink the beers as well. In the ticketprice 2 beers are included, when you book your ticket through Brew Bus Amsterdam you’ll even get a small discount as well

7. Walhalla brewing

The beer of the gods, located in Amsterdam North, on walking distance from Oedipus Brewing you will fine Walhalla Brewing. They are very well known for their strong IPA’s, the craft beer fans will love this place and you’ll have the chance to take the canned beers with you as well. One of their most well known beers is ‘Loki’, a light refreshing golden IPA, honoustly, you can drink it all day.

8. Brouwerij Troost

They have different breweries in the city, the one of westergas terrein is their biggest one. Brouwerij troost means comfort and you can get comfort from brouwerij troost. They have great beer tastings and really interesting flavours. A sustainable brewery where they only use cans instead of bottles. They started as owners from different bars in Amsterdam and they thought that all the regular beers they were serving were not really special. Therefor they decided to dive in the brewing industry. They are now the biggest independent beer brewery in Amsterdam. Quite a good story!

9. Butchers Tears

In the south of Amsterdam is Butchers Tears, this brewery likes to enrich the beer culture with old classic brewdocuments and bring them back to life. Besides that they love to experiment as well, worth a visit for the beer fans!

10. Brouwerij Homeland

Located in the eastern part of the city is Homeland Brewery. On the old dock yard in Amsterdam 2 friends started their own brewery. The brewers like to inspire theirselves with the newest brewing techniques, and not without success. Almost every year thei beers are awarded.

In the Homeland pension you have a great restaurant where they serve excellent beer pairings with each dish.